If an infestation of aphids does occur, use an insecticidal soap to treat the problem.It is especially useful to treat sore bruises following any surgery in the abdomen.

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Species edit, accepted species 7 3 Annual daisy ( Bellis annua ) Southern daisy ( Bellis sylvestris ) English daisy ( Bellis perennis ) References edit lectotype designated.Although both bellis and arnica are effective for alleviating pain and curing bruises, people who may require bellis ought not be inclined to be as people who need arnica.HIV positive patients too.

Carefully remove plant from the tray or pot and place in position.While this plant is native to Europe - western, central and northern parts of the continent, later it has been naturalized in different regions of North America and South America.In North America, Bellis perennis or English daisy is usually found as an intrusive plant.