Kraft's inequality characterizes the sets of codeword lengths that are possible in a prefix code.Ascii remains in use today, for example in http headers.

Error-correcting codes edit Main article: Error detection and correction See also: Block code Codes may also be used to represent data in a way more resistant to errors in transmission or storage.For example, '30' was widely used in journalism to mean "end of story and has been used in other contexts to signify "the end".Please select your language, azrbaycan (España)Español (NZ)NederlandsNorsk (Nynorsk)Norsk (Bokmål)PolskiPortuguês (Brasil)Português Vit.

A content format - a specific encoding format for converting a specific type of data to information.Code, contents, accessibility open:artifacts, rewards items from Black Friday 2015 artifacts.