22 Rose quartz edit Rose quartz is a type of quartz which exhibits a pale pink to rose red hue.Archived from the original on Retrieved urrell, Karen; Johnson, Mary.quartz belongs to the hexagonal system, space group P 6222 and P 6422, respectively.

"Caldoveiro Mine, Tameza, Asturias, Spain".Préparation Concours, formations Ongles et Cils, toulouse, L'Union, Cahors, Albi, Cannes, Nîmes, Castres, Évry, Chartres, Nevers, Paris.Hurlbut, Cornelius.; Klein, Cornelis (1985).

Archived from the original on Terminology used to describe the characteristics of Quartz Crystals when used as oscillators Quartz use as prehistoric stone tool raw material.En savoir, en savoir, crystal Nails, l'innovation et la création.It cannot be scratched by steel (see Mohs scale ).