The deposit is a credit for the party (individual or organization) who placed it, and it may be taken back (withdrawn) in accordance with the terms agreed at time of deposit, transferred to some other party, or used for a purchase at a later date.Deposited by the action of wind, water, volcanic eruption, or ice.To insert (a coin) in a coin-operated device: Deposit a quarter and push the button.

To deliver and leave (an item Please deposit your returned books with the librarian.To deposit goods in a warehouse To entrust one's assets to the care of another.Hitherto they do not seem to have been incorporated in the common law; though if cases should arise, the principles applicable to them would scarcely fail of receiving general approbation, at least, so far as they affect the rights and responsibilities of the parties.

A natural accumulation or occurrence, especially of oil or ore: a mountain range with many rich deposits of gold.Synonyms Sentences Sentence examples.4 a deposit of title deeds as security for the repayment of borrowed money has long been held to constitute an equitable mortgage.