358, November 11, 1882 Various Explore m What Are The Differences Between These Emoji Faces?Science definitions for deposit deposit d-pzt An accumulation or layer of solid material, either consolidated or unconsolidated, left or laid down by a natural process.Ukraines Billionaire Bounty-Hunting Club Oleg ShynkarenkoApril 19, 2014 daily beast According to Afghan government regulations, no one has the right to deposit public money into a personal account.

More words related to deposit advance noun.One must carefully examine the particular contract language relative to deposits in order to determine the circumstances under which they may be withheld from the depositor.

2019 Examples from the Web for deposit We will not sit on the sidelines and deposit our fate in the hands of others.Her happiness or misery were in my hands, and who could trifle with such a deposit?