Accounting for sth (considering) teniendo en cuenta considerando Even accounting for the bad weather, the number of visitors to the park has been very low.El dinero faltante ya ha sido justificado.He'll be back soon.

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Transport Workers Federation. 60 x 24 x 4, main engines: (2) 453 Detroit diesels (140HP each). Price : 549,500, price reduced: 425,000, dinner / cruise / fishing yacht (Ref#871).

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En cuanto a This sentence is not a translation of the original sentence.For (ratio) a The players were one for three in shots on goal.For (with the purpose of) para I bought some cloth for making costumes.

Having a particular purpose.Bargain for sth informal (expect to get) tener en cuenta When I married my wife, I hadn't bargained for the fact that her mother would also come to live with.If the clause results in a multiple values then extra parameters are implicitly defined to hold each.