Character of the city, for centuries Paris has been one of the worlds most important and attractive cities.The fusion of all these functions at the centre of France and, later, at the centre of an empire, resulted in a tremendously vital environment.

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The Seines Left Bank (Rive Gauche) has traditionally been the seat of intellectual life, and its Right Bank (Rive Droite) contains the heart of the citys economic life, but the distinctions have become blurred in recent decades.Monuments Statues (689 skip-the-Line Tours (150 traveler Resources (61).The numbering begins in the heart of Paris and continues in the spiraling shape of a snail shell, ending to the far east.

Museum Tickets Passes (23 architectural Buildings (77 fashion Shows Tours (7).Hugh Capet (ruled 987996) and the, capetian dynasty the preeminence of Paris was firmly established, and Paris became the political and cultural hub as modern France took shape.