Not a My Sands Cardholder yet?View in context For the Deadly Sands will Turn Any Living Flesh to Dust in an instant.Infinity Pool, relax in the world's largest rooftop pool while looking out over Singapores awe-inspiring city skyline.

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a night at the casino with you too! Author Alan Hess wrote that the "sleek Modernism of the Sands leaped past the Flamingo to set a higher standard

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in 1985, with the Sands wholly owned by Pratt Hotel Corporation, which in turn was 52-owned by Pratt's former shareholders, 35 by the Southmark Corporation of Texas, and 10

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a small chapel that can stand in for wedding or blessing ceremonies. The 53rd floor Club Lounge offers in-room check-in, round-the-clock limousine transfers, complimentary clothes pressing on arrival, personalized

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responsible. 4, wait the process until finish. One year ago, computer systems at the worlds biggest gambling company were brought to a standstill after hackers broke into computer networks

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Sands, moments of allotted time or duration: "The sands are numb'red that makes up my life" (Shakespeare).View in context One summer afternoon, when I had promised to go shrimping along the sands with Philip, I was waiting rather impatiently in the front drawing-room, watching Arthur handle some packets of coins he had just purchased and slowly shunt them, one or two.View in context Here he was interrupted by a loud report, and a cannonball came tearing through the trees and pitched in the sand not a hundred yards from where we two were talking.